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As the impact of fossil fuels on our environment becomes ever more stark, renewable energy - with its non-polluting qualities and infinite capacity - is just what we need to save our fragile planet. Thanks to the work of engineers and scientists that we are able to harness the renewable energy available to us and make it useful.

Greenway InfraTech is committed to helping India become a global environmental leader by developing our vast natural renewable power resources and generating clean, green renewable power. 

At Greenway InfraTech we believe that developing renewable power projects is an essential element in the strategy to combat climate change. By creating green energy from renewable elements such as wind and sun, we can address the world’s growing need for energy and offset greenhouse gas emissions created by fossil fueled power generation.

our mission is contributing to a sustainable energy future through the development and construction of commercial scale renewable energy projects that are sensitive to both the environment and the communities which they serve.

Greenway InfraTech is well-positioned to dominate and become a leader in this evolving and fast-growing industry.



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